Kids First

Top Education Books of 2011, American School Board Journal

While parents work longer hours for less and the costs of childcare, healthcare, and college skyrocket, the share of the U.S. budget spent on kids has fallen 22 percent since 1960. In Kids First, policy expert David Kirp issues a visionary call for renewing, revamping, and reenergizing public support for children, and offers inspiring, on-the-ground accounts of five big cradle-to-college initiatives that can change the arc of all children’s lives.

Praise & Reviews

“An important, well-researched wake-up call, and any part of it that educators and lawmakers take into account is worthwhile”

“David Kirp’s book could change the policy debate about how to improve the lives of children. It’s smart, sharp, and clear about what we need to do to lift the kids who need help the most.”
–Diane Ravitch, Author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System

“In an era when answers to America’s myriad social problems seem dismally remote, David Kirp comes to the rescue with important ideas for giving our kids better lives. Kirp thinks big, writes beautifully, and compels our attention. His agenda is practical and necessary. And if America’s children had any political clout, they’d demand it.”
–Robert B. Reich, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor and Chancellor’s Professor Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley

“David Kirp is a leading scholar who in this book provides us with a knowledge-based, cradle-to-college agenda that merits the attention of every parent and policymaker in America.”
–Edward Zigler, Sterling Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, Yale University